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Mike Bezus
M: 07831 848153 | E: mtb@scsgroup.com


Head Coach – 
Forwards Coach – Ed Hamill
Backs Coach – Gary Dipple

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2019-2020 Proposed U16 Playing programme

We would like to invite nominations for players to trial for Staffordshire U16s. (Current Season U16 Players, year 11).

Current Leicester Tigers PDG players are not required to take part in this trial so please do not nominate any PDG players.

Players should show above average standards in their core skills of catch & pass, tackle and contact and / or have excellent game understanding and tactical awareness. We also encourage you to nominate any players that have outstanding physical qualities or potential (speed, size, height, strength).

In making the nominations coaches should only put forward players who possess these attributes at the highest level as it is unlikely that those who do not will progress. Nominations are limited to 3 per club/school. If anyone feels they have more than 3 players then contact me with supporting information but please bear in mind that they will be competing with the Leicester Tigers PDG players for places in the squad.

Players who represented Staffordshire at U15 level last season will need to be nominated by the club/school as part of this process. They will not be automatically invited although they will be informed that the process has commenced.

Nominations must be made by emailing me directly at mtb@scsgroup.com on or before Friday 25th October 2019 giving the Players Name, Date of Birth, Position, Club/School and email contact details.

Nominated Players will be informed of the date and time of the trial which is currently planned to be during week commencing 28th October 2019.

If you have any queries please email me and I will try and answer them.


Mike Bezus

Staffordshire U15/16s Team Manager

M 07831 848153  Email: mtb@scsgroup.com