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The RFU is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children in rugby.

We have worked closely with the Child Protection In Sport Unit (CPSU) within the NSPCC to develop robust policy and procedures to safeguard children, achieving the CPSU\’s National Advanced Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport. Working closely with all England’s rugby clubs and statutory agencies, the RFU prioritises the safeguarding of children in the sport. Any allegation, suspicion of harm, or concern, is taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately.

Please Read the RFU’s safeguarding policy here.

Any person involved in rugby union must report all safeguarding concerns of which they become aware to the RFU Safeguarding Team

Details on reporting an incident can be found here.

More details on safeguarding have been distributed to Club Safeguarding Officers and CB Safeguarding Managers.

If you receive any media enquiries on safeguarding issues please do feel free to contact and in the RFU communications team who are happy to offer any support or advice.